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OpsView Infrastructure Monitoring System

The best monitoring software in global market

  • Runs on super-fast Nagios 4 Core - 100% compatible with Nagios plugins
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Ideal for application monitoring, network monitoring; Windows, Linux and Unix server monitoring in small IT environments
  • Support for virtualization monitoringincluding VMWare®, KVM, Xen and Microsoft® Hyper-V
  • Cloud monitoring – Amazon® EC2 and more
  • Works with Opsview Mobile to allow you to monitor your systems on the go
  • Available on-demand from Amazon EC2

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Community Power

Fostering innovation from Opsview Core's +30,000 user base.

Real-time Alerts

Set thresholds to trigger alerts via email or our mobile app.

Intelligent Keywords

Group systems under common keywords and view them as a collection of metrics. Ideal for service-level alerts.


OpsView comes in to 4 versions. For more details about pricing please visit 

Legal Note: OPSVIEW is a trademark of OPSVIEW ltd, Innotech is not affiliated or related in any way with OPSVIEW.

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