Cloud Security

Gain full Control and Visibility of Your Virtual Environments

Cloud environments offer many advantages, including quick deployment, unprecedented scale-ability, and cost savings. Yet , while technology continues to advance , security poses a major challenge and arising security concerns should be properly addressed and managed for the clients . 

At Innotech , our  cloud security services addresses the challenge of constantly-rising threats .  We secure your virtual environments for cloud and IaaS while offering you full visibility across platforms. We provide  a wide range of services, from consulting on your cloud strategy to on-demand fully managed security services and workload protection . 

In detail , our Services include:

  • Data protection with options for host-intrusion prevention and anti-malware scans .
  • File integrity and firewall monitoring .
  • Managed-vulnerability assessments, including vulnerability scanning and options for configuration and compliance management .
  • Security information and event management, including log collection, analysis and correlation.
  • Managed CDN Services with our partnership with Cloudflare

With our pay-as-you-consume approach , you can adapt the level of security in consonance with  your budget, risk tolerance and compliance needs.