We are the leading PCI compliance services provider in Greece

Innotech is the largest PCI compliance services provider in Greece.  A lot of major organisations of all sectors have trusted innotech services to achieve compliance in all PCI levels and types.

What make us different and out of competition, is our ability to give real world solutions and consult our customers not only in theoretical level but also in practical. Our highly experienced engineers and system architects, help our customers to avoid high costs that may occur during the compliance process. 

Check the security of your network according to the specifications of PCI DSS (Credit Card Industry Standard).
All agencies that have established credit cards for transactions require compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). So all businesses that store, process, or simply use sensitive credit card data, must regularly monitor their infrastructure for empty SECURITY, conducting a periodic PCI DSS Security Scan.

Nevertheless, results are considered valid and reliable only if the test is performed by companies that are internationally certified by an international certification body (Approved Scanning Vendor or ASV).

Using standardized internationally recognized process for all known vulnerabilities to check all Internet-accessible IT systems (servers, networks, Web servers, Web Shops etc.)

The PCI DSS Security Scans done for all your IP addresses identifying all vulnerabilities. Direct effect is to minimize the potential disruption to your service, but also loss of sensitive data that would cost significantly to your business.

Reception at the end of the audit detailed technical report on the findings of the audit, but as well as suggestions for correcting them. Beyond the initial Scan, you can run and half free to certify the corrections made.

If there is no control at critical problems, then your infrastructure is PCI Compliant and will receive a stamped certificate symorfosis you, you can you are using to banks, insurance companies and to all entities that require symorfosi your template.

The PCI DSS Security Scan should be done under the new directive, regardless of the level you are, every 3 months.

You can get more info at our dedicated pci dss website at www.pci-dss.gr and find out more details.